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Hi, I'm new to FX and I have been wondering something, because I couldn't find the answer myself online, wikipedia doesn't know and google doesn't seem to know. But:
-Who invented PAMM or LAMM systems? -What do you call PAMM, not the full acronym but they are trading system?
I am trying to find all the different 'trading systems' there are but I can't find the name that design this group of systems.
Also what are the general rules for each systems.
Some are fixed other are percent based systems. I read about ratios and stuff.
I can't find any books explaining PAMMs. Only way i could find any information was if i would go on InstaForex website for exemple and look at their rules.
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InstaForex PAMM system is a trust management technology with a trader handling investors' money through the one managed account. An affiliate program developed by InstaForex provides an opportunity to get a riskless profit through bringing investors to the PAMM system. Having attracted investors you will receive the part of profit of a managing trader if he gets dividends from the investments ... For PAMM traders InstaForex has introduced an excellent innovation: a PAMM trader can accept investments from different traders in one account, the service without precedent among other brokerage companies. The exclusive technology of share calculation is the idea of the company's management and the result of a yearly work of the company's programming specialists. Presently InstaForex PAMM ... InstaForex PAMM accounts represent a system for collective investment in projects rendering investment services. Every customer of InstaForex Company can either accept investments from other traders or invest his/her funds in accounts of others and thus own a share in these accounts. InstaForex system of PAMM accounts includes two categories of customers: - those who registered their accounts ... A PAMM account is meant for mutually beneficial cooperation of investors and a managing trader. Its function is apportioning of profits and losses among its participants. A PAMM account suits both investors (reduces risks while investing) and managing traders (provides the effective trust management, regardless of the quantity of trading accounts). PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a trading account, designed for trust management of investors' overall capital. PAMM account allows to provide a mutually beneficial cooperation of investors and the managing head. Its function is to reapportion profits and losses among its participants. PAMM account is a suitable financial instrument both for investor (reduces risks while ... So werden Sie zum Teilnehmer des Systems der PAMM-Konten von InstaForex PAMM-System Live Feed ermöglicht den Tradern, die Details zu den Transaktionen, die von den Managing Tradern abgewickelt werden, anzusehen. In Live Feed werden zusammenfassende Informationen über die Arten der laufenden Transaktionen, die ausgewählten Instrumente, die Lotgröße, die Kauf- und Verkaufspreise, die Gewinne und Verluste dargestellt.

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